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Subaru Dog Commercial - Driving with a MyPetDMV License

MyPetDMV.com – The Pet ID that looks like a Driver’s License, wants to recognize Subaru for their Subaru Dog Commercial featured on the 2013 Super Bowl. Dogs, because they can be trained and made to perform almost unbelievable tasks, has become one of the most highly-treasured pets in the world of humans.

One of the more popular auto manufacturers, Subaru, instead of investing in high exposure adverts on Super Bowl, chose to put their good dollars on Puppy Bowl IX to be shown on Animal Planet. The advertisements prepared for the show (http://www.autoblog.com/2013/01/28/subaru-lifts-leg-at-super-bowl-goes-with-puppy-bowl-ads-instead/) feature the 2014 Subaru Forester as being "Dog Tested. Dog Approved". You can check out the four 20-second commercials – Tailgate, On the Lot, Let’s Talk Financing, and Lint Roller, on the link provided above.

Can Dogs really drive? We’ll there have been tests using Dogs as Drivers, but here at MyPetDMV.com, we’ll stick to the amazing dog driver’s license tags. You can upload your Dog’s photo, choose from all 50 states, and design your ID in minutes online.
These dog driver’s license ID tags are available in a variety of designs, colors, and shapes. You can have your pick on whichever you think is best for your dog. These tags are made of highly durable material which means they will last long and very difficult to worn out. Dog driver’s license ID tags contain pertinent information that will help identify your dog including the name that it answers to, breed, weight, the contact number of its owner, city, state, and other information.

See for yourself and design a Dog ID License tag at http://www.MyPetDMV.com


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Offer Details:
MyPetDMV Dog & Cat licenses are used for novelty ID purposes only. You will have the opportunity to design and proof your PetDMV license before it ships. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on any print issues (Less P&H). Shipping is $4.95 per order. Not Affiliated with or Endorsed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Any IDs created that do not contain a Pet's photo, illegal, or Fake IDs, will be discarded without a refund and forwared to authorities. Customer Service: info@mypetdmv.com. Each ID is custom made, orders print in 24-48 hours, shipping time is between 7-14 business days. Read our Privacy Policy. Click here to unsubscribe from emails

About Pet Identification:
Pet ownership has experienced continued growth. It is critical for Pet Owners to realize the importance of Pet Identification Tags, or Pet ID tags. Pet ID tags are a key component to securing and protecting animals from being lost, stolen, escaping through open doors, jumping fences, broken leashes/chains, etc. MyPetDMV wants to promote proper pet tracking, promote training to pet owners, and continued pet ownership education as a best practice. Even if a Pet ID License is not right for you, please make sure you participate in some sort of Dog ID Tag online. Get your Pet ID Tag & Drivers License at MyPetDMV.