Pet Licenses for State Florida

Looking for a Pet ID that looks like a Pet Driver’s License Tag? Our Florida Pet IDs are perfect for dogs, cats, and any other family pets. Each Florida Dog Driver’s License is printed with your pet’s photo and detailed information such as address, breed, date of birth and more! Our tags are printed on heavy duty plastic to ensure you the highest quality and durability.

Available for all 50 states. Each order comes with 2 different sizes, a Real sized Pet License, and a Smaller Collar version.

See an example of a Florida Pet License Below. Some states may have multiple versions of IDs.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need to license my pet in Florida?

Yes, all dogs and cats in Florida are required to be licensed.

2. How much does it cost to license a pet in Florida?

Each Pet ID License comes with (1) a large wallet-sized Pet ID Card that looks similar to an actual Driver’s License and (3) smaller versions for $19.95. FREE SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS.

Our special offer includes a large wallet-sized Pet ID Card, along with three smaller keychain-sized IDs, all for the discounted price of $14.95. This offer provides excellent value, ensuring that you have multiple forms of identification for your pet.

3. What happens if I don’t license my pet?

Pet owners who fail to comply with pet licensing regulations can be subject to fines and penalties.

4. Why do I need a Pet License for my Dog or Cat in Florida?

Obtaining a pet license for your dog or cat in Florida is mandatory. It helps authorities reunite you with your pet if they ever get lost. Additionally, having a valid pet license demonstrates responsible pet ownership.

5. Can I Renew My Florida Pet License Online?

Pet licenses in Florida must be renewed after their expiry date mentioned on Pet ID. You can conveniently renew your Florida pet license online. Visit the official website and follow the simple steps to renew your pet’s license hassle-free.

6. What is the purpose of a Dog Driver’s License tag in Florida?

The purpose of a Dog Driver’s License tag in Florida is to ensure that all dogs riding in vehicles in the state are properly vaccinated and licensed, which can help prevent the spread of disease and ensure public safety.

7. Are there Different Types of Florida Pet Licenses?

Yes, there are various types of pet licenses in Florida, including licenses for dogs, cats, and even exotic pets. Make sure to choose the appropriate license based on your pet’s species.