Pet Licenses for State Idaho

Looking for a Pet ID that looks like a Pet Driver’s License Tag? Our Idaho Pet IDs are perfect for dogs, cats, and any other family pets. Each Idaho Dog Driver’s License is printed with your pet’s photo and detailed information such as address, breed, date of birth and more! Our tags are printed on heavy duty plastic to ensure you the highest quality and durability.

Available for all 50 states. Each order comes with 2 different sizes, a Real sized Pet License, and a Smaller Collar version.

See an example of a Idaho Pet License Below. Some states may have multiple versions of IDs.

Pet Licenses for State Idaho

Pet Licenses for State Idaho


Secure and Stylish Pet IDs Across All States

Looking for a Pet ID that stands out? Our Idaho Pet IDs are the perfect solution for dogs, cats, and all your family pets. Designed to resemble a Pet Driver’s License Tag, each Idaho Dog Driver’s License showcases your pet’s photo alongside critical details such as address, breed, and date of birth, printed on heavy-duty plastic for unmatched quality and durability.

Why Our Pet ID Tags Are the Best Choice

Durability Meets Design:
Our Pet ID Cards and tags are designed to last. Made from high-grade, heavy-duty plastic, they ensure your pet’s crucial information withstands the elements, making them perfect for every adventure.

Customization for Every Pet:
Whether you’re securing a dog license tag, a cat license, or a special Pet Driver’s License for your family pet, our platform offers customizable options to reflect your pet’s unique identity. With MyPetDMV, creating a personalized Pet Driver’s License Tag has never been easier.

Convenience in Every Size:
Understanding the diverse needs of pet owners, we provide two sizes with every order: a real-sized Pet License and a smaller version for your pet’s collar, ensuring your pet’s ID is always accessible, no matter where you are.

Nationwide Coverage:
Our services extend beyond the beautiful state of Idaho, offering pet licensing solutions for all 50 states, each tailored to meet specific state requirements and standards.

Discover Idaho’s Unique Pet ID Design

Curious to see what an Idaho Pet License looks like? Our site features examples of our work, showcasing the variety and customization available. While Idaho’s design is distinct, we pride ourselves on offering multiple versions of IDs to suit the varied tastes and legal standards across different states.

Join the MyPetDMV Family

By choosing us for your pet registration needs, you’re not just ensuring your pet’s safety and legal compliance; you’re also giving them a badge of honor. Our Dog Driver’s License tags are more than just an ID; they symbolize your enduring love and care for your pet, ensuring they always find their way back to you.

Embrace Peace of Mind with a Pet Driver’s License

In the journey of pet ownership, obtaining a Pet ID Card is a critical step. It serves as both a form of pet registration and a vital safeguard, ensuring your beloved pet always finds its way back home. With our robust Pet ID cards, you’re not just licensing a pet; you’re securing a part of your family.

FAQ: Idaho Pet Driver’s License and ID Tags

What is an Idaho Pet Driver’s License Tag?

An Idaho Pet Driver’s License tag is a novel and official-looking ID for your furry friends. Designed to resemble a real driver’s license, it includes your pet’s photo, address, breed, and other vital details. Crafted from durable, heavy-duty plastic, these tags ensure long-lasting quality. They’re not just for dogs and cats; any pet can have one!

Why Do I Need to License My Pet in Idaho?

Licensing your pet in Idaho is not just a legal requirement; it’s a step towards responsible pet ownership. It ensures your pet is vaccinated and helps in their quick return if they get lost. Moreover, it aids in preventing the spread of diseases and enhances public safety.

How Much Does a Pet License Cost in Idaho?

For just $19.95, you receive a large wallet-sized Pet ID Card and three smaller versions for your pet’s collar, shipping included. This cost-effective solution provides peace of mind, ensuring your pet’s safety and compliance with state regulations.

What Are the Consequences of Not Licensing My Pet in Idaho?

Failing to license your pet can lead to fines and penalties. It’s not just about avoiding these costs; licensing is a critical part of ensuring your pet’s safety and adherence to local laws.

How Often Should I Renew My Pet’s License in Idaho?

Your pet’s license in Idaho should be renewed upon expiry. The renewal process helps keep your pet’s information up-to-date and ensures continuous protection and compliance with local laws.

What’s the Purpose of a Dog Driver’s License Tag in Idaho?

The Dog Driver’s License tag serves a unique purpose in Idaho. It’s not just an ID; it ensures that dogs riding in vehicles are properly vaccinated and licensed. This initiative is aimed at preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring public safety, making it a crucial aspect of pet ownership in Idaho.